why we do what we do

recently, someone asked me why black lab’s music got pulled off of spotify. the reason is that spotify and rhapsody pay almost nothing for the songs they stream. this is fine if you’re madonna — a whole lot of almost-nothing adds up to something. but for us, if all our music was accessed via a subscription model we would be out of the business of making music.

the thing is, what we want to do is make the best music we possibly can. we are completely focused on honoring the interest and commitment our fans show us by doing it the max, taking whatever talent we’ve got and going balls to the wall. we’re not interested in becoming rock stars, wasting our lives traveling, doing endless interviews, promotional appearances, meet & greets, etc. etc. etc. we are just hunkered down making the best shit we can.

yeah, we do the social media thing ’cause it’s fun to be in touch with you. but we’re not here to make a million fans. we’re here to make music. spotify helps get us in front of many more people, but it kills our ability to focus on making music because it kills our ability to earn a living wage from making music.

I love the idea of spotify, but until they figure out how to monetize it in a way that is not just great for their company, advertisers and listeners, but also for the artists, I’m afraid we’re going to have to bow out.

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