something is coming…

[xyz_lbx_default_code]hey you,

we are gearing up to launch a kickstarter in support of the new black lab album.


the album is almost done and we love it and think it’s so good that we want to give it a chance to go out and set the world on fire.

we intend to raise a bunch of money to finish the mix and pay for mastering and manufacturing costs, and also to hire a publicist and a promoter to help market the album to music blogs and radio.

i’m looking for a great group of people who would be willing to work with me on getting the word out about our very ambitious goal. we need folks to be on conference calls to brainstorm about new strategies and opportunities, who might know music bloggers and other journalists and tastemakers and who would approach them, who can offer feedback about the kickstarter and make suggestions, and/or who are willing to write and call and post and tweet in order to bring their network to the campaign.

is this you?

if so, hit me back at contact AT blacklabworld DOT com and we will get started.

ok, i’m psyched! thank you.



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