YearOne serves as a powerful gap year program, a source of immense personal growth for young people, a hands-on apprenticeship, and a way to enter directly into a thriving career and/or prepare for a successful college experience.


College is extremely expensive (4 times what it was 25 years ago), a degree isn’t worth what it used to be, and it doesn’t really prepare one for the complexities of today’s work challenges (or life challenges).


If your son or daughter is going to go to college, they need to be super-prepared: motivated by a clear sense of purpose and direction, and outfitted with a powerful set of organizational tools and life skills. YearOne delivers these. Instead of taking 5-6 years to graduate with a damaged GPA, your kid could fly through school in 4 years, mature and happy, focused and successful.


If your kid doesn’t want to go to college, they don’t have to — they can build an amazing, lucrative career they love without a college degree. YearOne can show them how. Through gaining tremendous organizational, business, and networking skills — and connecting with a great mentor in their field of interest — they can start forging an interesting, creative career right now, getting paid to learn instead of paying to learn.


YearOne addresses the essential challenges of today’s work environment, preparing students to excel in the shifting sands that accelerated technology has brought, to relish the opportunities they create, and to succeed at something they love. The aptitudes they gain — time management, emotional intelligence, self-care, research, apprenticeship, resilience — will put them head and shoulders above their peers, whether they go on to college or dive into a career now.


Our program is available from anywhere in the world via powerful online group classes and community.



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December 16, 2014


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