Paul Durham is a singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. With his band, Black Lab, he sold 200,000 albums via two major-label record deals, national tours, and top-10 radio singles before starting his own label. Expanding his business through ecommerce and social innovation, Paul has become good at finding and exploiting cracks in systems and turning them into opportunities.


His songs litter films and TV, including Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man “House M.D.,” “CSI,” The Covenant, “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Shield,” “Banshee,” He’s Just Not That Into You, Blade: Trinity, as well as commercial spots for Honda, Coke, GM and many others.


The intensity of Paul’s acoustic shows create a hushed, emotional atmosphere. His wild, electrifying voice crackles with raw presence as he sings about the hidden things we often prefer to keep in the shadows.


He draws upon this same intention when he speaks, highlighting the challenges we all face with penetrating insight and humor.


After mentoring young musicians for over a decade and working as an executive coach, Paul started YearOne, a 12-month program for creative young people to get unstuck, build grit, ignite ambition, and launch a successful career in college, business, or the arts.


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December 16, 2014


Corporate, Fashion