patience patience patience

i was wondering what it is that makes lyrics work for me as a listener — is it something that evokes an emotion inside myself? is it the sound of the words in conjunction with the singer’s voice and the music?

then i was wondering how it is i make my own artistic decisions — what are the priorities for me? the personal meaning and connection of the words? how clever they are? how good they sound?

do i want to write an album of badass lyrics that don’t have a lot of direct expression of my life in them? do i want to write a very personal album that other people maybe don’t understand? i’m always surprised how much you guys actually understand what i’m trying to say. and i’m more surprised (pleasantly, of course) when you read into things i’ve written that are more rich and powerful than what i meant in the first place.

so these are the things i struggle with as i try to crowbar meaning into lines of set length and emphasis and rhyme. i want to say what i want to say, and the best case is when it all just falls together perfectly — meaning and sound in one perfect turn of phrase.

unfortunately, this can take a lot of time… so thanks for your patience.

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