last day of our final sale!

thank you so much to everyone who supported #thefinalsale┬áhere at blacklabworld. there’s still a few hours left to get CDs, t-shirts & posters cheap and direct from us so please check it out.

meanwhile, i wanted to answer some questions that people have had about the sale:

“is the band breaking up?!” um, no. definitely not. we just got to the point where so many of our sales was via itunes, etc., and so few of our sales were via CD, that the time and costs of maintaining a shipping operation with physical inventory were keeping us from doing other things we wanted to do, like make more music.

“are you going to release new albums on CD?” yes! we’ll always press a run of CDs for a new release and make them available, probably for a short time on the website and then at cdbaby and amazon.

“where can i get out-of-print CDs like ‘see the sun?’ are you going to make box sets available again?” we’ve gotten this one a lot so we’re going to look into what it would take to get the box sets up for sale, at least for a limited time.”

“i’m sad to see the webstore close…” we are too, believe me. it has allowed us to do all kinds of things, in terms of maintaining a close relationship with you all. in fact, it’s not even closed and we already miss it. so honestly i think the emphasis is going to shift to one-off sales. when a new CD comes out, we’ll reinstate the shop for 10 days so everyone can get their product cheap, etc. that might be sustainable — to go into shipping mode three or four times a year. that way people can get stuff signed and we can continue to clear out inventory. i am also planning on bringing stuff to sell at future shows.

but closing the shop is going to challenge us to stay connected to you in digital ways — through releasing more video and in-progress audio, by coming up with creative ways to facilitate word-of-mouth about black lab, and by getting you all to contribute your ideas to the music factory we got going up in here.

really, you people are the best. the number of orders we’ve gotten in response to the sale is incredible. thank you again for helping us stay in the music-making business!!

hope to see you soon.



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