free mp3: ‘out of promises’

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ok, you were all so helpful with your advice about the ‘sad piano thing‘ that i’m giving you a second whack at input-giving. this month’s free mp3 is a demo of a new track called “out of promises” that we’re hoping makes it to the record. it’s sparse and simple — just a drum machine and synths — with lyrics that lack some of the fireworks of my previous efforts. the thing is that i like it. i like how empty it is (of course, the final would have more dynamics, but this offers a good sense of the general vibe), i like how i’m not trying to push the lyrics down your throat, and that it focuses things on just the words and my voice (which given what a prima donna i am makes me happy).

so my two questions for you are —

1. does it feel like the lyrics in the verses are too unspecific or lacking heft?

2. does it feel like the track lacks dynamics, is too flat and empty?

basically — does it feel like something’s missing? these are the questions i need your help with, you have been listening with careful ears to black lab for years. please respond either here at our facebook page.

and it’s of course great for us when you tweet and post about this kind of stuff, let your friends know what’s up and help spread the luv.

ok, thanks!


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