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‘bound’ in the living room w/ cello!

hey all. so, jesse ahmann is the guy who played cello on ‘unplugged,’ and so everytime he stops into town we have a bullshit session and then we play stuff and sometimes bang out a little video of a song. i only let him go through it, like, one and a half times to prepare before we start shooting.

this is ‘bound’ from the two strangers album. it kind of always has been a folky, acoustic-based track so i was psyched to give it the cello treatment. someday we’ll give all this a proper recording on ‘unplugged II’ ;)

thanks for listening.

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free mp3 of the month: bottomless sea

here’s a little demo andy and i put together. click the download button above in the top bar to check it out!

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free mp3 of the month: down to the river

hey all. happy new free mp3! just click the DOWNLOAD MP3 button above to get ‘down to the river,’ the first new thing i’ve actually finished in a long time. not a major breakthrough or anything but a nifty little demo i think…

let me know what you think, here and at facebook.


grasping at the empty
a pageant in the sand
tides of air inside me
water through my hand
the mirrors flash between us
burning under skin

i go down to the river without you
i lay down
i go down to the river without you
i lay down

hunger pulling forward
leading unto death
rushing down the steepness
to feed and to be fed
and if i beg you one more time
to lay me down to rest

go go go and find it don’t come home without it
in those weaker moments leave it then
so thin the air the wall the will to move on
so thin the air

i go down to the river without you
i lay down
i go down to the river without you
i lay down

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last day of our final sale!

thank you so much to everyone who supported #thefinalsale here at blacklabworld. there’s still a few hours left to get CDs, t-shirts & posters cheap and direct from us so please check it out.

meanwhile, i wanted to answer some questions that people have had about the sale:

“is the band breaking up?!” um, no. definitely not. we just got to the point where so many of our sales was via itunes, etc., and so few of our sales were via CD, that the time and costs of maintaining a shipping operation with physical inventory were keeping us from doing other things we wanted to do, like make more music.

“are you going to release new albums on CD?” yes! we’ll always press a run of CDs for a new release and make them available, probably for a short time on the website and then at cdbaby and amazon.

“where can i get out-of-print CDs like ‘see the sun?’ are you going to make box sets available again?” we’ve gotten this one a lot so we’re going to look into what it would take to get the box sets up for sale, at least for a limited time.”

“i’m sad to see the webstore close…” we are too, believe me. it has allowed us to do all kinds of things, in terms of maintaining a close relationship with you all. in fact, it’s not even closed and we already miss it. so honestly i think the emphasis is going to shift to one-off sales. when a new CD comes out, we’ll reinstate the shop for 10 days so everyone can get their product cheap, etc. that might be sustainable — to go into shipping mode three or four times a year. that way people can get stuff signed and we can continue to clear out inventory. i am also planning on bringing stuff to sell at future shows.

but closing the shop is going to challenge us to stay connected to you in digital ways — through releasing more video and in-progress audio, by coming up with creative ways to facilitate word-of-mouth about black lab, and by getting you all to contribute your ideas to the music factory we got going up in here.

really, you people are the best. the number of orders we’ve gotten in response to the sale is incredible. thank you again for helping us stay in the music-making business!!

hope to see you soon.



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the final sale


dear you,

it’s the end of an era… as demand for CDs has dropped and digital sales grow, it has become unsustainable for us to keep shipping physical product. so i’m sad to say that the shop at is closing. for the next week our entire inventory will be available for the last time.

on the bright side, we’re having one last big sale:  get CDs for $10 each, plus free domestic shipping on all t-shirts (sizes limited so get ‘em quick). and as a bonus, every order of $20 or more will come with a free copy of the ‘best of the mp3 of the month club’ on CD.

we are so grateful to you for supporting us in the past by buying stuff direct from the website. after the online shop closes next week, remaining CDs will only be sold at CD baby and (for significantly more $), and t-shirts, posters, and CD quality downloads will no longer be available.

since we earn a much higher percentage from CD sales on our site, this is a great chance to help us. as CDs sell out we aren’t reprinting them anymore, so it’s also an opportunity to get physical copies while they’re still available.

thanks again for your years of dedication and support. we hope to have new music and video for you soon, and with your help will be writing and recording songs for years to come.



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‘the road’ on banshee

“the road,” an unreleased track by black lab, featured on cinemax’s “banshee,” season 3 episode 6, february 13 2015 (“we were all someone else yesterday”). written and produced by paul & alex kemp. get a free download of “the road” by clicking on the “free mp3 of the month” button above. please sign the email list and we’ll keep you in the know. if you like “the road,” these other black lab tracks should be right up your alley:

thanks for supporting independent music!


this is the ache inside
this is darkness in my hand
keep me in line, keep me in line

so this is the road that I get lost on
it’s a matter of time
a twist in the road and I’ll be gone now
it’s a matter of time
just a matter of time

black, black is the tide
black water running down
and I get crazy I get blind
raise my hands and start to drown
throw me a line, throw me a line

so this is the road that I get lost on
it’s a matter of time
a twist in the road and I’ll be gone now
it’s a matter of time
and I know there’s a place that I belong yeah
and I know there’s a way where I’ll come home now
it’s a matter of time
just a matter of time

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andy & paul in LA this sunday


hey everyone, andy and i are playing at the hotel cafe in LA this sunday and we’re hoping to see you there! it’s a bit short notice so we hope you’ll pull out the stops to get yourself and your friends out to see us play:  $10, 10 pm, 1623 cahuenga blvd in hollywood. please post on facebook and share our event. thanks so much!

while you’re waiting for sunday night to roll around, enjoy a song from our last show at the hotel cafe via the free mp3 of the month — just click ‘download mp3′ above.

and don’t miss out on our excellent new sale: order any CD from us here at blacklabworld and get a free copy of ‘passion leaves a trace.’ just order from the shop and it’s automatic. sale ends soon!


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paul in atlanta, saturday night january 10.

as part of our world-wide thank you tour (ok, it’s not really a tour and it’s not yet world-wide) i’ll be coming to atlanta on saturday january 10 for a solo acoustic show. i’ll be headlining the atlanta room at smith’s olde bar, 1578 piedmont avenue. i go on around 11 (sorry it’s so late) but i’ll stick around after to sign stuff and chat and drink beer. you can get tickets right here. please like and share the facebook event to help get the word out.

hope to see you there!


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crazy-ass christmas sale


hey everyone, hope you’re gearing up for a great holiday season. we’re going a little nuts over here so check it out—

CDs are on sale! get yourself a copy of the new album, a raven has my heart, as well as black lab unplugged and passion leaves a trace3 CDs for $18! that’s half off! you can refresh your collection and have a coupla cheap gifts to boot!

as you may know, andy and i have had the chance to play live a lot this year. thanks to your amazing support of our kickstarter, our shows in LA and NYC, as well as the solo shows i’ve done in austin, london and dublin, we’re getting to connect with you all like we haven’t in years. and it’s awesome.

thank you once again for supporting us, for coming out to shows and continuing to spend your hard-earned cash on independent music. your devotion is proving that music isn’t just a commodity. when music becomes the new free-shipping, another trinket the big corporations can throw in the bag to help entice more shopping, then real music dies. you guys are the antidote to this attitude, and we’re really grateful.

if you haven’t visited the facebook page in a while, check out photos and video of our recent shows, etc. it’s becoming less and less possible for you to receive our posts so we’re hoping you’ll make the trek over to the page on a regular basis.

meanwhile, look for me in atlanta in january and hopefully andy and i will be playing another show in LA soon.

thanks again!




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black lab on house, m.d. c2011

i put this up recently for everyone who didn’t get to see it. the whole episode is worth checking out (peter gabriel sings arcade fire’s ‘my body is a cage’ later in the show), but nothing beats this opening. this is actually how the episode starts — no title, no sound, just the song and the image of the bull emerging from darkness. awesome.

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